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  • green_coffee

    In Ukraine, buy a quality green coffee is quite difficult. A lot of information there that green coffee beans become during a special thermal treatment. This is not true. Green.

  • coffee-bag

    Do not forget that it is important fresh roasted grain. And on his way to the roasting pot should be as short as possible. Fried coffee grain – a very.

  • coffee-world

    Way of coffee beans to our table starts from afar. In tropical areas of Africa, America and Asia are growing evergreen trees and shrubs marenovyh family. This family combines up.

  • coffee-benefits

    Very often in the guise of a quality product sold outright abomination. Even coffee beans can be faked. They are made from a dough of barley, even clay. Then stalemate.

  • coffee-sort

    As you know, there are two main varieties of coffee – Arabica (Arabian coffee) and robusta (coffee Congolese). Total production is divided in a ratio of 70% arabica and 30%.


    Eggo Coffee - Lviv Rostery
    чашка кофе

    чашка кофе

    Eggo coffee – компанія виробник свіжої кави, якісної, та з обмеженим терміном придатності. Обсмажуємо і продаємо каву у кожен дім та офіс України! Приєднуйся та замовляй!