Green coffee – coffee for slimming

In Ukraine, buy a quality green coffee is quite difficult. A lot of information there that green coffee beans become during a special thermal treatment. This is not true. Green coffee can not be any heat treatment. Eggo Coffee Company uses only tested green coffee beans from reputable suppliers, with accompanying documents sanitary conclusions – they are safe.

Green coffee has become popular thanks to one important characteristic – it promotes weight loss. In 2012, American scientists have found that green coffee has a fat burning effect. The active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which is contained in the green coffee in large quantities. The study of the effect of green coffee held simultaneously in the US, France and India, and has been found – the daily use of drink from it quickly and with minimal risk to health will get rid of excess weight (2-3 kg per month).

It is also proved that green coffee is a strong antioxidant and helps in detoxification. It improves physical and mental activity, tones and helps with migraine headaches and spasmodic. Caffeine improves memory and lymphatic drainage, stimulates the cardiovascular system. The coffee beans contain oils that are used to treat burns and scars. Also, these oils, which are so rich in green coffee beans, to improve the condition of the skin, so successfully used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. But how useful and effective in the fight against excess weight of coffee was not, unfortunately it will not be enough. To get the perfect figure, we must first correct healthy diet, healthy sleep, exercise and love … …

Where does the slimming effect? Myth or reality?

Grains of green coffee is carried out so desired effect due to the large amount of antioxidants – a combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine is found in roasted coffee, but the combination of it with the chlorogenic acid gives a slimming effect. Caffeine burns fat and makes the skin supple and taut, chlorogenic acid promotes the breakdown of fat cells, removes toxins from the body, prevents the occurrence of diabetes. A cup of green coffee in the morning inhibits excessive appetite and normalize digestion

Contraindications to the use of green coffee

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, infancy, increased nervous excitability, arteriosclerosis. People with diseases of the central and autonomic nervous system, it is recommended to use a small amount of coffee, after consultation with the doctor. Precautions need to use the green coffee to people with cardiovascular disease, as well as high pressure.

Side effects from drinking beverages with green coffee in the right doses, have been identified. Maximum Dose – 3 cups per day. If the dose is increased – an additional effect appears. Doctors, nutritionists recommend eating green coffee to lose about 5-7 kg of weight and maintain this effect.

How to cook green coffee

Green coffee sold as beans and ground. If you have purchased green coffee beans, you need to crush them. But green coffee grind harder than fried.

To prepare the drink, take 2-3 tablespoons of milled coffee and pour 100 ml of boiling water. Let sit for 30 minutes, strain and drink while eating.

To enhance the therapeutic effect and to improve the palatability can be added to the beverage cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and the like. The most popular green coffee with ginger.

Sugar is added to the green coffee is not recommended, it’s extra calories. The recommended rate of green coffee – 1-2 cups a day. It is best to drink a drink for lunch, but not in the evening, and especially before bedtime, because of its high caffeine content.