How to store coffee?

Do not forget that it is important fresh roasted grain. And on his way to the roasting pot should be as short as possible. Fried coffee grain – a very delicate product for a long time, it can not be stored. When exposed to air, especially moist, roasted corn quickly loses its flavor and aromatic properties. Roasted Coffee easily absorbs odors. Storage at the food with sharp characteristic odor, may irreparably damage the coffee. It is best to keep roasted coffee beans in glass jars with tightly adjoining cover. To some extent it protects coffee from a rapid loss of aroma and casual vsotuvannya odors. Yet every day reduces grain quality. In vacuum bags of coffee stored for several months, but the package just opened, limited shelf life of 7-10 days. You can continue placing coffee in the fridge, and the grain should be closed in glass container, which did not penetrate moisture and odors. Before any milling thawing do not need. Note that in this way can be stored in the refrigerator and grinding coffee. However, with this method of storage, you can not use coffee portions. When you open dishes for cooling grain gets moist air, which then condenses and moistens the grains.