Which coffees are available?

As you know, there are two main varieties of coffee – Arabica (Arabian coffee) and robusta (coffee Congolese). Total production is divided in a ratio of 70% arabica and 30% robusta. The latter is usually considered less exquisite coffees in terms of flavor. At the same time it contains more caffeine and is often used in espresso, to achieve higher quality and cheaper coffee foam mixture. It features technology and training of these two species. Arabica is exposed mainly wet processing and Robusta – dry. Dry processing involves drying the coffee in the sun after collecting berries for up to five weeks. Further, according to the production technology, the coffee stand some time in the bags and then carried out in order to separate the peeling green coffee beans. Production technology of wet coffee processing involves the following stages: purification from impurities, separation of skin from coffee grains, washing, fermentation in which green coffee beans under the influence of enzymes purified from residual peel, and drying, and wet processing is carried out in a period of not more than a day since the collection of coffee.